Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Tadris IAIN Bengkulu
Jl. Raden Fatah Pagar Dewa Bengkulu


 Dhofier Zamakhsyari research can strengthen the thesis that boarding is basically educational institution that teaches science–the original knowledge and correct in accordance with the teachings of the Qur’an and substantive sunnah. Based from the above description, we propose a fundamental question: how to grow and where developing educational boarding school? How do people respond to educational institutions or boarding school? The approach of this study used a qualitative approach with comparative data analysis techniques, which perform data comparison between events with other events in between various boarding schools or educational institutions that reflect the character boarding. Data collection techniques to study documentation and interviews with stakeholders and users/managers of educational institutions in SDI. Islamic education is still needed and has an important role in the quality of human resources. Currently, there are many educational institutions that adopt the culture of boarding school education system for teaching, for example SDIT and Ma’had al-Jami’ah Religion in Higher Education. Boarding school education has also spawned a number of leaders and graduate, who take an important role in the national and international levels.

Keywords: Education, Boarding Schools, and Profiles Of Alumni

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